The Finli Grant will support Black-owned businesses in education and enrichment that have long been an integral part of our community.


APPLY to receive the Finli Grant

Are you a Black-owned small business in education and enrichment? If so, Finli would love to help by awarding a $500 grant toward your business. Click here to apply.



DONATE to the Finli Grant

Want to get involved? Help make tangible change by donating to the cause. Let us all unite together to support the black-owned businesses who have given so much to enrich our communities. The time to take action is now.


About the Finli Grant:

The Finli Grant will support Black-owned businesses in education and enrichment that have long been an integral part of our community. These small businesses teach our children, energize our seniors, illuminate our world through education, art, dance, language and enable all of us to be better. At least 20 businesses will benefit from this grant.

Due to the overwhelming applications received we’ve started a waitlist for the Finli Grant.

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Who we are:

Finli is a leading technology platform that provides integrated financial solutions for neighborhood schools and enrichment programs. Finli’s payment software and platform removes the administrative burden of invoicing, tuition collection, record keeping and scheduling for family-centric businesses. Business owners use Finli to maintain a digital presence where they can focus on marketing and growing their business. For more information on how Finli is helping strengthen communities by supporting small businesses, visit Finli.


How do I apply?

Click here to apply

How much is rewarded in the grant?

$500 will be rewarded to each recipient of the Finli Grant. Qualified applicant may apply once per calendar year.

Who is eligible?

Any Black business owner engaged with education or enrichment. Examples include schools or studios that are independently owned and operated like a neighborhood ballet school, or music program. Must be a legal U.S. entity.

I don't qualify but I want to help. How can I help?

Share this page with your friends who are Black business owners or donate to our cause.

I applied. Now what?

You will receive a confirmation email after you submit the application. Please note we will request bank information if selected to receive the grant.

Why is Finli doing this?

Finli was created to financially lift the burden off of small businesses and families. Like many of you, we are heartbroken for the Black community and we want to do our part in supporting and uplifting Black-owned small businesses.

100% (less the GoFundMe fees) goes to Black-owned businesses who apply for the grant.

Where does the money go if I donate?

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